Family Pictures

My sister took a few pics of my parents and I, so I can print them off and show people in my African village what my family is like.   Here’s a few of them.  Which one should I print off?

This one?

Or this one?

Megan was singing, so we put on the ear-protecting earmuffs that Dad uses when shooting.  They didn’t really block out the sound, but they did help.

And here’s Megan and her dog Cooper.  I didn’t want to leave her out of the family photos.


An American Welcome

One of the best parts about coming home was getting to see the dogs for the first time in a year. Here’s a video Dad took of the dogs greeting me when I got home.  Jaxson got a little too personal.  I have missed my doggies soooo much, so I am very happy to spend a few weeks with the crazy animals.

Here’s the link on YouTube.  Enjoy!


A Week in Photos: 11/20-11/27

The rain is finally falling at my house.

The rain is finally falling at my house.

Pictures from the week!

Let sleeping dogs lie...

Let sleeping dogs lie…

Where they store the food for the school lunches. So much rice and whatnot!

Where they store the food for the school lunches. So much rice and whatnot!

The lunch ladies at Lorato's school, cooking lunch for several hundred kids.

The lunch ladies at Lorato’s school, cooking lunch for several hundred kids.

Lorato hanging the paper snowflakes we taught the educators to make...on the door to the office :)

Lorato hanging the paper snowflakes we taught the educators to make…on the door to the office 🙂

Interesting Conversations with South Africans

Here are some bits of conversations that I or another PCV has had with a South African. These conversations are pretty universally met with a surprised “Shooo” or “AOH!” and most of us SA24 PCVs have had this discussions. We call it culture sharing…

“Yes, parents will make their grown up children pay rent. They do not get to live at home until the parents die.”

“Children in America don’t wear uniforms to school.”

“Not everyone in America is rich. Really.”

“I am 22, not 14. Yes, I have graduated university.”

“No, I really am not getting paid for this.”

“Actually, it’s illegal to beat school children in South Africa too.”

“No, we do not have pap in America. Yes, I like it.”

“Americans like to exercise.”

“Yes, 18 hours in an airplane to get here. 18 hours of flying. Indeed, America is far away.”

“No, I do not know Rihannah. Or Chris Brown. Or Beyonce.”

“In America, dogs stay inside the house. And usually, they sleep in someone’s bed!”

“Last winter, it snowed up to my knees.”

“Yes, we have cows in America. But not in towns, that’s illegal. And they stay in fences.”

“No, in America the man doesn’t pay for his wife. Yes, he gets her for free.”

I think the one that gets the biggest surprised response is that in America, men do not pay for the bride.

I know I made some generalizations about America, but sometimes that is what you must do when language is a barrier. And then they think you are less weird if you tell them Americans like to walk, so the hour long walk to school isn’t that bad. 🙂


Packing, Part 3

Today I finally gathered 95% of what I am taking and unpacked what I had packed, and repacked it….pretty much in the way it will be taken to SA.  I took pictures too!

Here’s everything (except a few clothing items and possibly random other things).  Obviously, the dog in the picture isn’t going, and neither is her blanket.  Princess just didn’t feel like moving when I began organizing around her.









Below is a picture of mainly the clothes I shall be taking.  I know you can’t see it that well, but I’ve got a bit of everything that I need.









Here’s some of the little gadgets and whatnot that i am taking, and my shoes.









Here’s Princess.  She kinda got stuck in the middle of it, but didn’t mind too much. 🙂









And here is the after picture.  3 bags-the big duffle is pretty full, but the carry-on duffle is half empty and the backpack has almost nothing in it.  It will carry snacks and entertainment for the plane though.  And staging papers.  Notice, Princess didn’t move a bit.

Jaxson felt left out, so I snapped a picture of him, laying in the chair, on the heating pad, with a blanket.  Lazy dogs.