Mailing Info

Whoo Hoo!

After a period of some months, I finally have a mailing address again.  So for all of you who have been anxiously waiting to send me letters and/or packages (I know, wishful thinking), here’s my new address.

Jennifer Daugherty
C/O Valoyi Traditional Authority Trust

P.O. Box 1



South Africa


My wishlist includes:

Crystal Lite-type drink flavorings-you can’t send too many!

Granola bars-especially if they contain chocolate and/or peanut butter

Postcards from the US-to show off our beautiful country 🙂

Starbursts or Reese’s Pieces

Cheese It’s

Chocolate Chips

Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese

Beef Jerky-not super spicy

Ziplock baggies

Little toys or stickers for kids at my organization

Photos of YOU to hang up on my wall


I’ve gathered some tips for you when mailing me stuff.    It helps to write “airmail” on packages and letters, as they will get to SA faster then.   Since I have to pay duty on items received, when you declare the amount, make sure decimals are in the right place, and please give the lowest possible estimation of value, while still being pretty accurate. If you are sending anything for my school, please write “donated school supplies” or “used books” etc.



5 thoughts on “Mailing Info

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  2. Hi I was wondering if you would be interested in answering a few questions about your experience being in the PC. if so is there any way we can set up a phone call or email chat?

    • Hi, feel free to send me an email at jenpcv (at) gmail (dot) com. We can either chat via email/messaging service/or set up a time to chat via phone (though my reception tends to be AWFUL in the village).

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