And It’s Back to the Grind!

I can safely say I am not good at posting when I’m on holiday in the USA (and that people laugh at me in the States when I say I’m “on holiday”).

I’m sitting in the Des Moines airport now, about an hour away from flying back from my holiday in the States.  It has been a crazy, busy, wonderful month home.  I saw so many good friends and family, though of course not as many as I’d like.  I had amazing Mexican food, delicious cupcakes, tasty ice cream, and all sorts of other great foods.  Including a deep fried Snickers bar on a stick at the Iowa State Fair.

Dad and I spent a weekend in Chicago. Oddly enough, I have flown, driven, and even taken a train through Chicago, but I have never actually “been” to Chicago.  So we “tourist’d” up and set out to hit all the sites: Shedd Aquarium, the Soldier’s Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, the John Hancock Observatory (with an open air balcony….94 floors high), Navy Pier, and the Skydeck at the Willis Tower…aka Sears Tower.  The Skydeck is 1,353 feet (412 meters) in the air, or 103 floors.  It was a fun stop….you can see 4 flights from that high!  We only got a little bit lost driving around Chicago (did you know there’s like an underground highway under downtown Chicago….not sure if we were supposed to be there, but….)

My parents thought it would be fun to move houses while I was back.  So my last week went like this: Friday-get a new dog,Saturday-have Dad’s 50th birthday party at the new house with about 40 people, Sunday-PACK, Monday-move the old house to the new house, Tuesday-pack my bags and have Graham’s ice cream one last time, Wednesday-Leavin’ on a jet place.  Crazy, right?  Notice how we had a party at the new house BEFORE we actually moved.  We like to live life on the edge.

And now I’m looking forward to sleeping for the next 16 hours.  On a plane.  Yeah, right.  But at least I can watch some good movies!


And I have a province-wide Permagarden workshop I’m cofacilitating in 3 days.  That’ll be an interesting experience, with jet lag and all!



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2 thoughts on “And It’s Back to the Grind!

  1. Jen, I will be coming to South Africa in a month with Peace Corps Response to work on an Operation Hope project for a year. The “manual” indicates skirts and dresses are appropriate wear, which is likely the case for the office in Joburg, but could you tell me what is typical for villages? And what is NOT ok? Have scanned some of our blog and will read more later…and, maybe meet you! Thanks, Connie Morocco 2006-08

    • Hi Connie,

      I’m flying back to SA today, so I’ll respond in detail when I get there as I’m writing on my phone currently. But I was wondering what area if the country you are going to. Long shirts and dresses are fine and in most areas pants are too. But not in the very remote areas, which is why I ask where you are going. Plus I’m just curious! 😉

      I promise to send you more detailed dressing info in the next few days!

      Jen On Aug 28, 2013 1:26 PM, “Jen's Peace Corps Experience in South

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