Term 1 Has Disappeared

As we all expected, the second year Peace Corps is flying by. Term 1 exams have commenced, summer is petering out into fall, and SA24 is looking at one full term of teaching (or not teaching) before most of us head home. Where has the time gone? Lucky me, I have a whole third year left to serve, so I’m not panicking about starting my real life yet.

But I’ve been incredibly busy this term! With the full support of my APCD, I’ve spent a fair amount of time outside of my village, doing permaculture workshops. Often times PC will discourage PCVs form being away from site often because we aren’t as effective at site. However, because I’m not a full time teacher and because I’ll be doing this work for my third year (and the rest of my life), PC has been pretty great about allowing me ample work leave during the school term. Because of this, I’ve done 3 workshops in 3 different provinces and have another planned for this weekend! Remember that travel here isn’t like travel in the USA, and realize that I am pretty darn pooped after all this traveling the facilitating!

But man do I love it. I’ve have 2 workshops planned for early next term as well, one if Northern Cape and one with PCSA staff in KwaZulu Natal. Talk about polar opposites: the Kalahari Desert versus some of the lushest land in Africa. 🙂

I’ve also had the chance to visit a potential third year site and spent a few days with a PCV friend in Limpopo. It’s been a pretty good term because I’ve seen dozens of PCVs from SA23, SA24, SA25, and even SA26. This is not usual for us far NW-NorCapers during a school term, so I’ve enjoy it and the several showers I’ve been able to take. Enjoying the small blessings for sure! I also was able to see my friend Sue and cajun, who work for Food and Trees for Africa, at a workshop last weekend, and I’ll see them again this weekend. So even though I lost Lorato and Tsiamo, the nearest PCVs to me, I’ve been able to see some friendly face. And…AND my father comes IN ELEVEN DAYSSSSSSS!!!!! (excited dance)

On the extension front-there are 2 potential sites in Limpopo, both were new groups are going to be placed. I visited the one village in February, and quickly came to love the village and the area. There are a lot of work-related issues at this site, but there is certainly potential for good work. Last week I was asked to submit a resume for another potential site (thankfully I had a mostly updated one done) and they seemed REALLY dedicated and hardworking. From the work description, it seems almost perfect, and is apparently in one of the most beautiful areas in South Africa, near Tzaneen. As one PCV put it “Tzaneen is seriously my favorite town in South Africa.” Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s in Tsonga/Shangaan area, and I’ve wanted to learn Tsonga since my first day in South Africa!

In short, I’m really pumped to serve for my third year, and wish I could start NOW! But I’ve got several trainings I need to do first! 🙂

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