(Host) Family Visitors



During school holidays, extended host family members always come to visit. I am actually happy to be gone through most of the holidays because having random people staying at my host family’s house is stressful for me. They don’t know me, so they want to talk or take me to Vryburg and show off to their friends. They want to come in my room and touch everything, ask for gifts or tell me to make them food. My host family doesn’t do this, but the extended family is not used to this lekgoa, so they end up making me angry, frustrated, and stress.

Since August or so, some extra “cousins” have been staying at the house, but they’ve been keeping to themselves for the most part, and not overstepping my privacy boundaries. But one of them, Rorisang, just doesn’t get it.

Rorisang and Keamogetse.

Rorisang and Keamogetse.

It’s alright because she’s just over a year old, and adorable. I’ve seen her several times over the past year, and once she used to bawl if she even saw my face. Now her favorite thing to do is run to my burglar door, open it, run into my room, and babble on in Tswana and Xhosa. She also seems to think my name is “bye bye,” as she always starts yelling BYE BYE when she sees me, then giggles.

Last week, my host sister Keamogetse and Rorisang were playing outside my room, so I snapped some pictures of the cute kids. Rorisang’s mom came along with a blanket and pillow, and they all laid out on my stoop for a nap (aka Rorisang smacking Keamogetse upside the head many times while her Mom egged her on).

Sometimes Rorisang even lets me hold her, though that also can make her cry bloody murder. She doesn’t fully trust this lekgoa yet!

I don't know what Keamogetse was doing, but honestly, she did NOT strangle Rorisang.

I don’t know what Keamogetse was doing, but honestly, she did NOT strangle Rorisang.

Naptime. AKA playtime.

Naptime. AKA playtime.


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