Gratitude: Day 15, 16, and 17

Day 15: As far a PCV living quarters go, I have it pretty good, and I’m thankful.  I have a nice, big room with a fairly new ceiling and a window or door on every wall.  That means I can almost always get a cross breeze.  Some PCVs are in tiny rooms and can hardly host one other PCV, and some only have 1 or 2 windows, and I have to imagine their rooms are boiling how right now.  My living quarters aren’t perfect: sometimes chunks of the wall fall down in my kitchen area, I get wind scorpions on occasion, my electricity is not stable, and I don’t have running water.  But I do have a yard tap (can’t drink from it, but can use it for all my washing needs), which means I don’t have to haul a wheelbarrow to a communal tap.  Some PCVs have their own houses, or two-three rooms, but my room serves me just fine and gives me enough room to stay sane!  For that, I am thankful!


Day 16: I never thought I would say this, but I’m thankful for burglar bars.  What with the crime rate in SA and the fact that I have more wealth in my room than almost everyone in my village, I am a target for crime.  But with my windows and door secured with burglar bars, I feel safe.  I feel secure at night, when I hear drunk men hollering outside.  Someone could still break in if they wanted, but they’d have to cut through my roof, and my host family would probably notice.  I am very grateful for the peace of mind my burglar bars give me.  Also, I can lock my burglar door to keep curious family members out while still having a nice breeze.  Another added benefit. 🙂


Day 17: I am thankful for the motivation of the school’s garden workers.  Without the garden project, I probably would’ve thrown my hands up in frustration by this point.  Most of my work is with the school garden, and it’s having an impact on my community.  It makes me happy to see a patch of brilliant green when I walk to school, and I love purchasing veggies from the garden to support the project.  Seeing the joy on kids’ faces when they get to help in the garden is one of the best rewards of my life.  And visiting villagers to see their new home gardens made me want to cry for joy.  The garden project has been an incredible part of my service, and to have such dedicated and hardworking gardeners and educators has been a true blessing.



About Jen Lamos

Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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