Bath Time

I’m not sure I have ever adequately discussed this on my blog, though I have definitely alluded to it a few times.


Just to be clear: I bath in a bucket.  If that grosses you….well, you need to travel more and see what most of the world lives like.  Seriously.  Bucket bathing is a reality for those of us who live without running water.


I’ve spent the last 16 months bucket bathing, and while I’m far from a natural, I can clean myself pretty well.  At least, nobody has told me I smell.  And while it took awhile to get a good system down, I can bath without complaint in about a gallon of water.


Yup, I only use a gallon to bathe myself.  Every day!  Once every few weeks I’ll use a little more, the African equivilant of a nice, long bucket bath.  Often, I use less.


Me and my basin.

And while I call it a bucket bath, I should actually call it a basin bath.  I use this big gray basin when I want the African Bubble Bath, and usually end up using more water.  Maybe a gallon and a half.  So much water, right? 🙂

Yes, I usually bathe in this.


Most days, I use this pink basin.  Now, I know I’m squatting in it here, but I actually set it on a chair and make use of a washcloth to bathe my body.  Starting with the face, then hair, then on down the body.  Makes sense, if you think about the fact that you want the cleanest water touching your face.


Bucket bathing isn’t exactly enjoyable, and not always refreshing, but it DOES make me appreciate a shower.  I get to take a shower on Friday this week, and I’m REALLY excited!!  This is what Peace Corps does to sane people.


It does make me happy to lower my ecological footprint by using so much less water than I used to.  Since I live on the edge of the Kalahari, I know how precious water is, and I hate the thought of wasting it.  Since I also poop in a hole (pit latrine) I never flush a toilet in my village.  So I end up using 1 20L bucket of water in a day, usually.  I’m willing to bet you use more in your morning shower.


If you’re in PC and don’t bathe in a bucket…*cough cough* Posh Corps *cough cough*.


PS. Notice how long my hair is?  Remember, last year this time it was about 1/2 an inch long.  It’s sooooo long now!



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Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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