Upon my return to SA, I went back to the middle of MST-Mid Service Training. MST is 40% celebration that we lasted so long, 45% medical and dental checkups to make sure PC isn’t killing us, and 15% sessions on somewhat relevant information. It’s also kind of a PC-paid vacation, so thank you taxpayers of America! Actually, it’s really low key, and we stayed at a backpackers in Pretoria and not in a nice resort, like at IST and COS. So thank you a little bit, taxpayers of America. 🙂 Although I was horribly jet lagged and utterly exhausted, I arrived at the backpackers around 11am and immediately was inundated with “JENNNN!!! YOU’RE BACK!!!! *hugs galore* How was America?!?!” I love my SA24s!! I had brought back Reese’s PB cups for everyone, and made myself quite popular when I began handing them out!

I missed nearly all the sessions because I had been gone for the first two days of MST. However, the important part is the medical and dental checkup, where I received good and bad news. I was declared worm-free (yay!) but was told I have to have a wisdom tooth take out (ugh). That’ll happen before the end of the month, when I have to travel back to Pretoria (ugh) but get showers (yay!).

MST was mainly a nice time to reconnect with friends I hadn’t seen for months and relax a bit before heading back to site. I managed to travel back to Vryburg with 3 other PCVs, and one of them and I ended up staying at a guest house for one night in Vryburg before headed back to site. It was nice and we enjoyed getting one last shower!

I caught a ride back to Kudunkgwane with my principal Monday morning, and spent a long, tired day back at school before I got to go home and unpack. The first week back was hard because I was exhausted from all my traveling and battling flu-like side effects from my Hep A shot. But all is well now, and I am enjoying village life once again!

Some of the PCVs I saw at MST I probably won’t see again until COS, the Close of Service conference in May. How crazy is that?! COS will be the last time SA24 is all together, ever. Sad!

About Jen Lamos

Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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