American Wedding

I went back home for my older sister’s wedding, and though I was only home for a week, I managed to have a lot of fun, eat a lot of food, and make enough American memories to last me for another year. I’m not gonna go into all the details of the trip, but here are some highlights.

-Starbucks. STAR BUCKS. Real good coffee!
-My sister’s husband trying to set me up with his friends.
-My sister actively trying to prevent said setups.
-Having the Best Man inquire about where to buy a bulletproof vest, then going to Walmart to find one (he was visiting from India and didn’t know that Walmart doesn’t actually carry everything).
-Going to the CITC church-awesome church in Houston!
-Getting mistaken for a foreigner at a Chinese restaurant and then getting ripped off.
-Getting denied from Sams Club-we had a membership and they wouldn’t honor it.
-My sister’s inability to stop talking.
-Getting all dolled up and wearing makeup for one of the only times in the past year.
-McDonald’s French Fries, Tex Mex food, Shipley’s donuts, and Starbucks. J
-Seeing my beautiful sister walk down the aisle and marry the love of her life.
-Getting soaked in a downpour on the way to the reception and looking like a drowned river rat when I gave my speech.
-Going to IKEA for the first time ever.
-Seeing family and meeting new friends.
-Getting to spend some time with my sister and new brother-in-law.

It was a really good week, although busy and stressful. My sister and I spent half our time laughing and playing practical jokes on each other (one of which I discovered at the airport security checkpoint-not cool). I thoroughly enjoyed things like going to a real grocery store or not being squished into a hot, junky car. I noticed the reverse culture shock was a little bit harder to handle than it was in June, when I was back in Iowa, and that I was more easily annoyed by parts of American culture-seriously, 15 minutes late to dinner is not unreasonable. I was also annoyed with things that I THOUGHT were innate American values, and weren’t-it’s called a line, wait in it. But all in all, I had an amazing time!

Me and Meg in her Saree!

Me and Meg in her Saree!


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