Summer’s Arrival and the Rains

Here is a conversation I had this week with my principal:

Me: I think summer is coming.

Principal: Summer has come itself.  It did not send its cousin or uncle or brother, it came personally.

So, even though we just passed the Spring Equinox, summer has arrived for all intents and purposes.  The sun is already scorching hot during the days, flies have swarmed into my room, and the garden is growing happily.  There is no real spring on the edge of the Kalahari.

The rains are just starting too, which is really exciting.  This past week, we’ve had 2 real rainstorms, complete with thunder, lightening, gale force winds, and lasting rainfall.  I am beyond excited!  It’s been months since any real rain has fallen on my village, and water has been scarce, according to many people in the village.  I’ll write a post about water really soon, because it’s a huge preoccupation of mine, and consumes a lot of my energy and worry-time.  But if the rains really have begun, my village shall be flush in water soon, and the watering holes might actually fill up this year-last year they didn’t.

Rains bring spongy, sticky sand that clings to and stains everything, so I shall be spending more time sweeping and cleaning my shoes from here on out.  I also make sure to keep my candle and matches close by, as rain often knocks the electricity out.  Sadly, I must now wage war on the ants, who come out in force after the rain.  Have you heard stories about people who fall asleep under a tree, and then the ants swarm them and kill them?  I think those guys live in my village.  I call them warrior ants.  They are BIG and can cling to shoes (or skin) better than I could.  And their bites HURT!!  If you get enough bites, your feet start to swell.  It’s great fun.  Luckily they don’t come in my room, because my house is pretty well-built.  But sometimes I have to run and stomp through the village to get the darn things off!

Even with the ants, I am excited for the rainy season.  It’ supposed to go from September to April, but last year the rains didn’t really start until December, and petered out around the end of February.  Thus I’m hoping we have a real rainy season this year.  Our garden would like that!



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Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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