Sunday Afternoon Craft

Yesterday, after working up a sweat rearranging my room, I was frustrated with a stack of magazines that had been sitting in my room for the past year. The previous PCV left them for me, but I had scarcely used them in the past year, and was wondering how best to get rid of them. I couldn’t really take them to school because they discuss controversial topics with sometimes inappropriate headings or photos for schoolchildren (all politico magazines) and they had few pictures to use as collage. So I shoved them back in their spot and mumbled grumpily.

A little bit later, I stumbled upon this article( ) about using old magazines, and decided I would do one of the crafts that afternoon! I looked at the tutorial on making a bowl, and decided I would attempt to make a hot pad, so I could set my pots down on it without burning my table. Though it was time intensive, it was EASY! I ended up making a hot pad AND a bowl in about four hours, while watching a TV show. And it was even fun.

I followed the tutorial given on the website mentioned above, and found it to work wonderfully. I used stick glue, which ended up holding well and my new bowl and hot pad are very sturdy. You only need a magazine, some glue, scissors, and patience. You tear a piece of paper out of the magazine, and fold it in half four times, longways, until it’s about .5 inch wide. Then you start rolling it up. I made a small adaptation from the tutorial, to make the rolling easier at the beginning. I cut the pages in half longways, for the first few pages, then folded them 3 times longways, just to make it easy to roll up in the very beginning. As the base reaches about one inch wide, you can stop cutting the pages in half.

The bowl is a little rough, but I’m sure the next one I make will be much better. I’m thinking a need a fruit bowl, as the fig, apricot, peach, and grapes will be growing in the yard soon enough!

The start of the hot pad-and the most difficult part!

The start of the hot pad-and the most difficult part!

The colorful finished product!

The colorful finished product!

Starting to build up the sides of the bowl-not as hard as it looks.

Starting to build up the sides of the bowl-not as hard as it looks.




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