I’ve Got Worms!

No, not those kind! I haven’t suffered that PC fate, yet. But I do have worms for a wormery at my school! When we were at the practice session for the finals last week, the ladies who were helping us gave me some worms for our school! While they are currently housed in a bucket (with drainage holes) in my room, happily eating my table scraps, most will eventually move into a wormery at school. Some will stay at my house though, to eat my scraps and keep me company.

At school, we are using 4 old tires to build a womery. Basically we’ll stack a few bricks, set a board with holes drilled in it one top, then stack the tires on top of each other. We’ll fill the tires with compost materials, for the worms to eat, then stick the worms in their new homes, and make a lid out of a few layers of cardboard and bricks. All free, found materials, which is good because my school can’t afford a fancy wormery. Then the worms will convert food scraps and organic materials into worm casting (aka poo), which is really delicious plant food. We can also collect the worm tea (aka pee) as a liquid fertilizer.

Once we actually build the wormery at school, I’ll take a picture. We are still searching for one tire, and a board. But hopefully we’ll find them in the next few days, in time for our workshop this week.

The bucket wormery I'm keeping at home.

The bucket wormery I’m keeping at home.

One of the Red Wriggler worms!

One of the Red Wriggler worms!


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