Crazy Friday and Weekend

Friday was an unusual, even exceptional, day. I woke up a little bit earlier than usual to finish packing up, head out the door, and catch a ride to Vryburg, then to Kuruman. Over 20 PVCs were meeting over the weekend to have a farewell gathering for the PCVL who is leaving our province after mentoring us for a year. I’ve be planning on going for over a month, and was excited to see lots of my fellow PCVs and Kuruman for the first time.

I was meeting up with a few other PCVs in Vryburg so we could travel to Kuruman together. However, both of their taxis were running later than normal, and I got into Vryburg long before they did. So I headed to Wimpy’s for some coffee and breakfast, because I had forgotten to eat breakfast at home…smart. After well over an hour, they both showed up and we made a few stops in town at headed to the taxi rank. We found the taxi to Kuruman, and after a good long while (hour plus, I think) we headed off into the true Kalahari.

Kuruman is a lot like Vryburg, just bigger and more dangerous. At least it’s cleaner and smells better than Vryburg though. There are lots of guest houses and good restaurants, which Vryburg lacks. It was nice to see a new town, and after we got to the Kuru Kuru Guest House, we just hung out with other PCVs, talked, chilled, and had pizza for dinner. It was a nice break from village life, and I got showers! Four in two days!!

On Saturday, we broke off into groups and went shopping. I found a new hat and a Springboks jersey, and was on the lookout for new dresses, since summer is coming, but was unlucky. In the afternoon, we all gathered back at the guest house to celebrate our last bit of time with our awesome PCVL, before she moved to KwaZulu Natal to work with SA26. We made a delicious dinner, had cake, signed a card, and presented her with our gift of a ticket to an awesome rugby game. Then we all sat around and talked, like PCVs do when we get together.

Sunday meant we all enjoyed out last shower and scattered in various directions to head home. Road construction made travel a headache, but it all turned out fine.


About Jen Lamos

Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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