Usual Thursday

(Sorry for the delay in posting. You’ll understand if you read my Friday post.)

Thursday morning I woke up exhausted. I was still beat after the long sports competition, and spent much of the morning sleepy and slow. I spent a shameful amount of time just standing in the sun reading some gardening materials, which is helpful but not completely productive. Man I was tired though.

After lunch (samp and beans) I found some energy and started to do some research on the health benefits of Moringa trees. Moringas are considered a “miracle” tree for providing scarce vitamins and minerals to malnourished, poor, or food insecure people. I had researched sources for seeds a few weeks ago because I wanted to start growing them at my school, and struggled to find seeds. Then Dr. Zaffiro from Central College came through and some are now on the way (ke a leboga thata!). So, I spent time researching them on my Blackberry, and found some good info, which will be worked into a later blog post.

I went back to sifting through Permaculture curriculum intergration ideas, and separated them out by grade and elaborated on some basic ideas that EduPlant gave us. I’ll be going around to each teacher next week to discuss how they want me to proceed with their grade, and what ideas they want me to focus on.

Then I was tortured for far too long by one educator who was playing an AWFUL song, on repeat. Many, many times. Whoever invented the repeat button is not my friend.

Remember how I said the goats were slipping through the bars of the gate earlier in the week? Well, a man fixed the gate by attaching chicken wire on Thursday, so our school can now SERIOUSLY be goat free. Maybe my herb garden will stand a chance now.

I spent some more time researching ideas, then the exhausting hit again. Because Thursdays are cleaning days, classes dismiss about an hour early so the learners can clean the school. I usually stay until the learners finish cleaning, like most of the staff, but Thursday I knocked off as soon as cleaning started and went home to rest.

That evening I talked to my host Mom about my weekend plans and packed for the trip to Kuruman. What’s that, you say? Look at Friday’s post! I had delicious stir fry with the last of the garden spinach then went to bed fairly early. Thursday was a boring day.


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Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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