I Forgot What Humidity Was

Living on the edge of the Kalahari means I am used to hot hot HOT temperatures, nine months of the year.  During summer it got above 40C (104F) too often, and I dealt with it, mainly by means of open windows, shade, ice cubes, and a fan.  I was very excited to leave SA winter for a bit and come to Iowa weather, because winter in on the edge of the Kalahari is brutal.

I miscalculated on one thing: humidity.  I forgot what humidity was.  I thought I remembered, but I didn’t.  And it has been a cruel awakening.

My whole time here, we have been in a crazy heat wave.  If you live in America, you know what I am talking about.  Almost everyday we’ve been under heat advisories, excessive heat warnings, and heat indexes well above 100F.  Here’s a picture of the forecast for this week.

Those are real temps, not the heat index.

It’s been that way the whole time I’ve been home, but at least it’s cooling down, right?

I am a little bummed we haven’t had a good thunderstorm.  Though the last thunderstorm tore part of the roof off my parents’ house, so maybe that’s a good thing.

Here’s a photo I found on Facebook.

Grammar mistake aside, I love this photo.


Winter’s going to be VERY hard to get used to again…



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