I’ve been pretty busy while I’ve been back, as lots of people want to see me and there are a lot of things I want to do (and eat).  However, I have had some time to play some pranks and be pretty goofy.   🙂

Last week, my Mom, sister, best friend Vic, her sister, and I went to the Dutchman’s Store in Cantril.  The Dutchman’s Store is run by the Amish, and is a “traditional” general store.  They have EVERYTHING! I always love going there, as I always find fun, odd snacks and treats.  And they have a great selection of gummies, including gummy chicken feet.  We went a little overboard with the gummies, maybe. Just maybe.  Oh yeah, and we spent the whole ride there and back talking without showing our teeth, mainly saying the names of vegetables.  We were really goofy, but try it. Asparagus!

My Mom, me, Vic, and Sam with our snacks.

It doesn’t look like it, but Vic has 4 tubs of gummies on her lap.  I’m not the only one that bought multiple packages!

Vic and I in the gummy aisle!

Later in the week, Vic, Mom, and I went to Le Claire, Iowa to Antique Archaeology, from the show American Pickers.  DJ, from Khayalethu Backpackers in PTA watches the show all the time, and he was excited when he found out I lived in Iowa.  So I convinced Mom to go (which wasn’t hard) and we checked out the store.  It was really small, but cool.  And I found a little present for DJ.  On the way home from Le Claire, Mom accidentally drove into a construction site.  That was really embarrassing, so every time a construction worker came near the car, Vic and I pretended to be asleep.  This video explains this method of avoiding embarrassment.  It would have worked better if we could stop smiling.

We stopped for Starbucks, and decided to visit the apartment of a friend.  He wasn’t home, but we had a key!  Sooooo we convinced Mom to drive us there while we thought of what we could do.  Vic mentioned taking his cat and every single thing associated with the cat, but as we were all allergic, that wouldn’t work.  So I mentioned rearranging furniture, which we decided was a good idea.  We ended up flipping his coffee table upside-down, the piling everything from the table on top of it.  We got a call a little later….he had called his landlord to find out if any workmen had been in.  Hahaha!!

It was way more fun than it looks.

We met up with Vic’s family, my family, and my grandparents at Pizza Ranch, which is a delicious restaurant.  Vic doesn’t like it, which I didn’t know. I managed to get a “hostage” picture of her, to prove she was there. Ha!


This morning, my sister and I dug out our old marshmallow guns.  They are awesome, and Meg and I staked out the camper and attacked Mom and Dad when they woke up.  The dogs really liked helping us clean up the marshmallows.  Because part of our roof is missing, Mom and Dad are sleeping in the camper and Meg and I are in the house.  About a week before I came home, straight line winds tore part of the roof off and caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  Good thing we have insurance! Meg and I have some other pranks planned…mwahahaha!



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