An African Village Welcome

After my two week training/medical vacation in PTA, I was a little weary about returning to my village.  I love my village, but I had been enjoying the first world food, showers, and hanging with other PCVs.  Plus, I was only going to be in my village less than a week before heading back to PTA and America.  So I was headed into a LOT of traveling.


However, after a pretty uneventful bus ride, kombi ride, and truck ride into my village, I start walking to my house.  I’m chatting with a guy who is surprised to hear me speak Setswana, when a bakkie pulls to a stop behind me and a woman yells “KEAMOGETSWE TLADINYANEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!” to me.  I laugh and holler back a greeting, then turns towards the man who had scurried on his way.  Odd, as usually people want to know what the heck a white person is doing in the village.  I take a few more steps when a few women approach me, and I greet them in Setswana quickly and head on my way.


As I approached the big watering hole in my village, I notice a clearly drunk woman and two men, but there’s no way to avoid them.  I try to hurry past with a terse greeting, but the drunk guy decides he is going with me. I let him follow me for a bit, until I realized that he was intent on following me to my house.  I arrive at the shop and shout at him in Setswana and English for awhile, and somehow convinced this VERY drunk man that he is NOT coming with me. PC Safety and Security training paid off!  Hopefully I didn’t shout down the chiefs son or something and offend some bigwig in the village.  Too bad, no drunk guy is coming home with me!


I finally make it home, where I have a very happy and loving exchange with my host mom.  We hug and I tell her “Ke itumela! Ke a ko GAE!”  which means “I am happy.  I am at home!”  and am very happy that not-too-much dirt has blown in through my door and windows.  I begin to clean and listen to my village sounds, and realize how happy I am to be home.


Then I realize I have almost no food.  Guess it’s a mandatory diet after eating too much in PTA. 🙂



About Jen Lamos

Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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