Alphabet Soup

Being a government agency, PC relies heavily on acronyms.  When I am blogging, I try to type them out so it is less confusing to y’all, but we’re gonna have fun today.  Typing them out is so much worse.

Last July, I wandered into PST in SA as a starry-eyed, innocent PCT.  After weeks of language training with our LCF and LCCs, lectures from the SSC and PCMOs, and various meetings with the APCDs, POs, and the CD, the PCSA training staff finally decided we were good enough to become PCVs, which was awesome.  Not gonna lie, the CD and DPT were kind of scary, but we survived.  Of course, we them had “lockdown” for three months, which was broken up with calls from our VSN mentor, my APCD, and a short visit from the PO.  After we finally felt like we knew what we could do in the SCRP program, we headed to IST in PTA.  We met SA21, the CHOP PCVs who were in PTA for their COS.  Our IST had the LST portion incorporated it, so we were required to being an HCN counterpart for the HIV/AIDS-focused LST.  After the counterparts left, we had elections for VSN, VAC, and Diversity Committee, then headed off to our first vacation with the blessings of our APCDs and POs.  In the past few months, we’ve gotten to meet some RPCVs and PCRVs, who are a great source of knowledge.  And now I feel semi-qualified to offer advice to the SA26 SCRP group as they prepare for PST.


This is kind of how PC works.  This shows only a small portion of the acronyms that exist, and they literally gave us a handbook with acronyms and their meanings at PST.  Even so, meeting with PCSA bigwigs can be a little confusing because they throw out random acronyms left and right.  I learned a few new ones this week: PCSSO, RSO, and CIRS, which all have to do with Safety and Security stuff.  And I got a kick at the first day of PST when we were handed the COTE: Calendar of Training Events.  Yes, that was a real acronym.


Nothing like the US Government to acronym the heck out of something.  I just pretend I learned a new language.



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4 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup

  1. I completely agree!! I’m counting Zulu and Government Acronyms as my two new languages from Peace Corps!

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