Visiting Around

This is how I travel….squished in a hot kombi, always with an interesting variety of people and cute babies.

One of Tumi’s schools. It’s nice and green, at least!

One of our scrabble games

Me and the 2 puppies.

Sleeping puppy…awwww!!

The Gautrain station. Believe it or not, the Y-shaped metal thing is a bench. A very strange bench.

One of the fun parts about being a PCV is having the chance to visit other PCV’s sites. In my group, SA24, we all are in pretty rural villages, but our sites are all pretty different.  So over a long weekend or whatnot, it’s cheap and relatively easy to visit nearby PCVs, though most of our villages offer few things to do.

My school is interested in starting a Mathletes team, which 2 SA24 PCVs created in their schools.  In order to get the files and info from the PCVs to use at my school, I decided to make a 2 day visit to Tumi’s site, on my way into Pretoria for the Warden Training at the beginning of June.  I had wanted to visit her site for awhile, and this provided the perfect reason to go.

Tumi lives East of me, a wee bit closer to Pretoria, though she is still part of the Vryburg 7.  Her village is twice the size of mine in population, but insanely spread out.  It actually has a huge red salt pan that occasionally fills up with water in the rainy season, right in the middle of the village.  Her schools are both over 800 learners, which is a LOT, and she even has a new library and big tuck shops/stores in her village.  I was impressed.  🙂  But I am fairly easily impressed too.

We visited her schools, though most of the teachers weren’t there or weren’t teaching, which is apparently a very common problem for her.  We knocked off early because the learners were just cleaning the school and arranging desks for examinations the following week, rather than learning or revising for exams.  Before we left, we took the projector from one school and the scrabble board from the other to entertain ourselves that night.

Once we got to her home, her host Mom showed us two brand new puppies that she had bought to guard the house.  They were beyond cute, and we played with them a lot and let them fall asleep on our laps as we chatted.  That seriously made my day, and maybe even my week!

That afternoon and evening, we talked about Mathletes, played 4 games of Scrabble, and watched a movie using the projector on her wall, which was nice.  I had to get up relatively early the following day to catch a kombi to Mafikeng and then to Pretoria, and met up with another PCV who was headed to the training.  Mafikeng is a long ways from my site, so I had never been there.  But the other PCV showed me around to a mall and we had lunch, then got on a kombi to Pretoria.  Despite the construction on the N1N4 highways, the trip went fairly fast and we made it to PTA around 5pm.  After locating the Gautrain station, which is a swanky high speed rail system through PTA and JHB and has too few signs telling us where the station was, we took the train to Hatfield, where Khayalethu is.  We got pretty lost and literally wound up on the wrong side of the tracks, but we finally arrived at Khayalethu right as 2 other SA24 PCVs were.  And now we all get a week of wifi, good food, and showers, which I love.  Yay Warden training, nee?



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