Meetings, Workshops, Gardening and Whatnot

This week has been a crazy week. It started out on Monday with a meeting in Vryburg with the District Manager what what (meaning I do not know his real title, besides department bigwigs). When we were told about this at the workshop on Friday, it didn’t seem like a big deal. But when we got there, I realized it was. They had lots of department people there, our principals, and 5 of the Vryburg 7. They even catered a meal for us, which is how I knew it was important. 🙂 Seriously.

Of course, a trip to Vryburg is not complete without a stop a Shoprite, banks, and various other shops. Lorato and I set off apart from our principals. We stopped at the bank for Lorato’s school, ran to Clicks, and did some grocery shopping, which was nice. Then we tracked down our principals and set off towards home. The problem was that it was raining. Dirt roads+rains=Lorato, Mma Makobo, and I pushing the car out of a mini-river that had formed in the road. I almost had to spend the night at Lorato’s, but we managed to find a way home and I arrived right at dark, exhausted from bump bump bumping through the dirt river-roads.

Tuesday found me bump bump bumping on mostly dry roads back to Lorato’s village to catch a kombi to Ganyesa. I was attending a Permaculture workshop with Mma Ntwayabokone, my counterpart for the garden work I am doing. I’ll expand more on the gardening workshop in another post, as it was awesome and I have lots to say. Anyways, after a great day, I managed to catch the BUS back directly to my village. A first! It was exciting.

Wednesday was an unsettling day for me. I had to tell my principal at KPS that I was only coming to his school once a week until July. This is partly because I have some big projects I need to focus on at MPS (girls club, gardening, and other such things) and partly because of the corporal punishment issues at KPS. He was not thrilled I was cutting back my time there, but the meeting went far better than I expected.

Thursday was unexciting, but today (Friday) I made an herb garden at MPS! It was a lot of hard work, and I doubt I will be able to move tomorrow, but it is beautiful. Mr. Komape told me that I was making history today, because it was the first time the learners had seen a white person working. Oh boy….glad to make my mark! I was quite the spectacle though. 😉


The road on the way home from Monday's meeting.

The road on the way home from Monday’s meeting.

The river-road we had to push the car out of!

The river-road we had to push the car out of!


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