If All Your Friends Jump Off a Bridge…

In front of the bridge I will soon be jumping off!

In front of the bridge I will soon be jumping off!

…Apparently I will too. 🙂

The following day was our crazy adventure day: bungee jumping and ziplining! We scheduled the jump for 9am, and Genna, Katie, and I were jumping (Sue just watched). We did the Bloukrans Bungee, which is considered the world’s highest bridge bungee at 216m! We weighed in (where they write your weight on your hand in permanent marker!), suited up, and walked across a sketchy catwalk to get to the middle of the bridge. Honestly, the rusty iron see-through catwalk was scarier than jumping! I was given the jump number 3, but because of some system, which I think had to do with weight class, I ended up being the 3rd last or so.

When I was putting on my harness before going on the bridge, a worker notice the scar from my knee surgery and said I needed to have the waist harness. Most people use the ankle harness, but I listened to him and put on the waist harness up on the bridge. This meant I could easily walk to the edge of the bridge, whereas most people had to scoot or be lifted to the edge, as their ankles were tied up. One quick look down, then

5,4,3,2,1 BUNGEE! And I jumped!

I can’t explain how it feels, other than amazing! I still can’t believe I JUMPED off a BRIDGE! I will so bungee jump again, if possible. Adrenaline junkie? I think so!

We went on the Tsitsikamma Falls zipline, which was pretty awesome, even though it was somewhat tame after bungee jumping. However, it had 9 ziplines over forest and waterfalls, the longest of which was 216m. It was a nice way to spend a cloudy afternoon! I will be doing that again!

We were beat after all this adventuring, so we headed back to the hostel, Tsitsikamma Backpackers, where we had rented luxury tents (regular tents on a platform with a metal roof and 2 single beds inside, plus a light). It was a pretty basic place to stay, but nice and super eco-friendly.

We spent the next day wandering around a village, eating at an America diner (legit milkshakes), and just relaxing on our last day on the Garden Route. We were beginning to feel exhausted and broke, so a relaxation day was welcomed by all!

We set out the next day to head back to Bloemfontein and Pretoria. We had a treacherous ride through the mountains (a non-shortcut, apparently), but we made it to Bloemfontein alive and well, after some construction delays. We grabbed pizza from the same place we hit up a week ago, and headed back to the Greatful Guest House Backpackers. The next day was a bit sad, as the vacation was ending. However, we had a pleasant drive back to Pretoria.

What a roadtrip!

And I jump!

And I jump!


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