Phefo Le Pula

Janoong, pula e a na, fela phefo ya foka THATA!

The rains are starting….but the wind is also blowing like crazy. So it’s time for a word on weather, nee?

The weather here on the edge of the Kalahari is a LOT different than the weather in Iowa. I thought it was windy on Central’s campus, but the winds of Iowa don’t even compare to the winds down in Africa. The winds almost never stop blowing, and for the past few weeks the winds have been exceedingly strong. 75kmp gusts? No big deal. Thus, the phrase phefo ya foka thata (the wind is blowing hard) is an important part of my vocabulary janoong. The winds have a benefit-a breeze (or mini-tornado) keeps it cooler and makes the heat bearable. However, the amount of dust that has been in my eyeballs in the past few weeks is insane…and I’ve never walked through a dust devil in my life prior to coming to SA, but now it happens way too often.

The rain is a whole other deal. Imagine-water falling from the sky onto a metal roof…yeah, it’s loud. I took a video of it and hope to post it sometime, but it wasn’t loading today. Even a light sprinkle sounds like downpour, and if it is a true downpour, hope you have earplugs or your eats may begin bleeding from the noise!

The seasonal rains were supposed to start in September, but they haven’t yet started officially. Although I think they are beginning. It’s been sprinkling and even raining a bit the past week, which is nice. Though the rains bring stronger winds, which like to blow the rocks around on my roof (rocks which I assume are there to hold my roof down). I’ve been told that when the rains start, it will rain for weeks at a time. And that it will make quicksand, which I will know well by January. Oh boy!!! But I still want the rains to come. Cue Toto’s “Rains Down in Africa” song….which is the status, tweet, and mumbled song of every PCV when it starts to rain. 🙂



About Jen Lamos

Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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