Grade 6 Farewell

After the day I was kidnapped by my fellow educators (see previous post), KPS held the Grade 6 Farewell and Grade R Graduation party. Wow!!! What a big deal it was! As you can see by the top photo, the school put up a huge circus-like tent, where the celebration was held. The Grades R and 6 were given the tables of honor, and the rest of the school brought their school chairs out and crowded underneath the tent. A fair amount of parents showed up too, and were underneath the second, smaller tent.

Now, it was a bright, sunny, HOT day, and the tent started out having 3 sides enclosed, which made it a literal oven. I was helping to “decorate” (throw strand after strand of Christmas garland on the poles) and actually preferred being out in the hot noon sun to being under the breezeless solar oven. However, the opened up another side of the tent before the ceremony, so it got a litter cooler….tolerably, at least.

Being the one person with a real camera, rather than a cell phone camera, I was recruited to take pictures of all the learners who received awards and all the Grade R graduates (so cute). Other than that I was able to relax most of the day and enjoy the hot celebration.

The ceremony went from about 1pm to almost 5pm-eesh!! Afterwards they had “refreshments”-a full dinner of chicken, beef, sheep (I assume), rice, potato salad, beetroot, green salad, and some other cold salad. This is a pretty typical meal for a South African celebration, although there is usually pap and sour pap as well.

I was asked to eat with the guests and important people. Talk about gender roles! A lady came in an dished up massive plates of everything and promptly handed it to the men in the room, who begin eating as soon as the plate was set in front of them. We women were told to dish up our own food, which I was grateful for. I didn’t like all of the foods there and was in no shape to eat as much as a South African typically serves up at a party! But man, the food was great and I ended up stuffed regardless.

I had to beg a ride home after 6:30pm because it was getting dark (PC policy is that I am always home before dark). The teachers wanted me to stay and wash dishes, but the sun dictated my night.

It was a long day, but a great one despite the heat!



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