School Lunches, Exams, and Wind

Though the week started out pretty crappy, it ended up being a pretty good week. After a Monday full of mishaps, the week went uphill.

However, it’s still a crazy time at the schools. Exams begin on the 15th of November, so teachers are frantically revising or trying to teach things they haven’t gotten to yet. The schedule at KPS was not at all followed this week, and I was getting used to just coming whenever a learner came up to me and said “Mme Keamogetswe, Mma M o a bitsa.” (Miss Keamogetswe, Mrs. M is calling). Then I follow the learner back to a class and find out what is going on. I gave up on planning and whatnot this week, then the week got quite a bit better!

On Friday I headed back to MPS, where I hadn’t been for two weeks. As part of my Phase 2 assignment during the first 3 months at site, I was set to co-teach for 4 weeks. I chose to teach at one school for 2 weeks, then the other for 2 weeks. This has worked out nicely because I am really beginning to understand what life is like for a teacher in SA.

Anyways, so I came to MPS for the first time in awhile, and didn’t have much to do, as it was a Friday and my co-teacher decided not to lesson plan with me. At 9:30am, which is lunchtime during summer hours, one of the school cooks ran into the teacher lounge and set a plate next to me, yelling “dijo!” (food!) as she ran out. This was the first time I had school lunch at this school, and boy was it good! My host mom is a cook there, and I know she has fabulous cooking skills from my site visit in August, so I will be excited if I get to eat school lunch there each day. I think they must have talked to someone from KPS because they hadn’t been giving me lunch at MPS yet. Overall, a GOOD thing! Free, good food.

On Friday the wind was INSANE! The weather app on my phone said gusts would be up to 78kph, and it made walking a bit difficult. I had so much sand in my eyes that day….and a pile beneath my door and on all my windowsills. Shooo that’s some strong wind, but it brought a tiny bit of rain, blessed relief in the form of clouds, and a stunning sunset.



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