Today was the first really bad day as a PCV. Now, the events throughout the day were actually not that bad, and I’ve actually probably had worse things happen since I got here. But perhaps it was because it is a Monday, or I only had one cup of coffee, or just that I’ve been here long enough that things are starting to get to me. Done with that whole Honeymoon stage of culture shock!

Anyways, I wake up at 4:45am to my beeping alarm, though I often wake up before it. I do my morning routine-coffee, food, bucket bath, clothes, putter around, read my Bible, etc, and get out the door by 6:15am for my walk to school. I meet my host mom on the way, who happens to be running late to her job as a school cook at my other school. We walk together for awhile until she gets to the school and I continue on my way, seeing almost nobody out on the dirt paths over the next hour.

I get to school and hardly anyone is there, including the kids. Odd, as they usually turn up early and I am only about 10 minutes early. There principal is the only other staff member I see. Right around 7:20am (when the school is supposed to start) a few other teachers have wandered in and the staffroom door is unlocked, so I go in, organize my things, and change my shoes as I wear tennis shoes to walk to school in. I head out to assembly and see one other teacher out there, though more are starting to head that way.

Right after assembly I am supposed to be teaching computers to the Grade 6 in the school’s lab. The Principal asks me if I am doing it, and I tell him yes. Then he proceeds to chew me out about how I need to have it unlocked before school starts and get the Grade 6 in there straight from assembly. I mustn’t waste time! Well, yes, I agree and would LOVE to get in there a few minutes before school. But if you read the last paragraph you’ll notice NOBODY was around who had keys. Thus my frustration that I was getting chewed out for something that was not my fault and that I have no control over.

I go to track down the keys, fighting back tears of anger and frustration. Of course, the admin staff member cannot find them, and the Principal walks by again and comments on how we are wasting time. Finally another teacher finds keys and I get into the lab.

Partway through my lesson the computers all freeze up. It’s my day, huh? The lab has 19 computers running off a server, and is a pretty nice setup-besides the fact that Grade 6 has 45 learners.

Currently I’m hiding out in the lab, “fixing” things. And typing up some of the various schedules that the Principal wants me to make for next term.


PS: The day ended alright. I hid in the computer lab most of the day, working on some things and helping a teacher type up some question papers. The pure joy she expressed when I taught her how to scan something into the computer, crop it, and insert the photo into her question paper redeemed the day a bit. But then the surprise 1.5 hour long “very very short” staff meeting meant I made it home exhausted and frustrated, but not longer ready to burrow in my bed and cry. So that’s good!


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Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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