Swearing In

Somehow I managed to update my blog last time without talking about one of the most important days as a PCV-Swearing in!

We swore in as real PCVs on September 8th. Because of the US budget cuts, our swearing-in was more low key than most are, apparently. It was just at our training site, and our future principals weren’t invited, as is normal in SA, at least. I was prepared for a bit of a letdown, after hearing PC staff discuss it. But I was happily surprised in the end.

First of all, the day was bound to be happy and exciting, no matter what. PST was over and we were becoming PCVs-taking the oath of service and actually starting our service! We were all happy and ready to begin a new PC life, even though most of us were also a bit sad to be leaving our PST host families. PC brought in a speaker from Operation Hope, a non-profit, and he was an incredible speaker. He made us laugh, he put tears in our eyes, and he made us immensely proud to be PCVs. He was simply amazing.

The US Ambassador to SA was also in attendance, which was awesome! How often do you get to have coffee with an ambassador? Try swearing-in as a PCV, that might make it happen! 🙂 He was also a pretty amazing speaker, and just a cool man to talk to.

At the end of the day, it was an awesome day. And even though it ended with being shuffled to three hostels before finding a bed (ooohhhhh travel in SA never goes as planned…), it was a happy, joyful day!

Swearing-in as a PCV is an experience that cannot be explained in words. It’s like graduation, times one million!
Check out the article from the Embassy. I’m the one sitting right next to the Ambassador! 😀 http://southafrica.usembassy.gov/newspta110908.html



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