I was able to get to a mall yesterday and update my blog, but then I realized that I am not doing a good job at writing things up.  I am hoping to go into Pretoria on Tuesday, which is Women’s Day (a national holiday) and get online again.

One of the awesome parts about PST here in SA is that we actually get in the schools.  The school system here and how they operate are quite different from America, so getting in the schools and seeing how things work is really important.  It helps us to visualize what life will be like in the next two years, and what teaching styles will actually be effective.  And it helps us to see the challenges we will face.

My language group ended up at a secondary school, Grades 10-12.  I think we were one of the few groups to be placed at a secondary school, and it was really neat.  Here in SA, all schools use uniforms.  The morning starts off with Assembly, depending on the day.  All students gather in the courtyard and sing songs and pray.  It’s beautiful.  Schools are supposed to be religiously neutral, but Assembly happens in most schools.  It is incredible to hear the kids gather and sing, leading themselves and moving to the music.

I ended up teaching a Life Orientation class twice this week.  LO is a life skills class, covering everything from career choices to teenage pregnancy to government.  I co-taught a class on environmental responsibility and a class on mind and body health.  Then I came back later in the week and taught again on environmental responsibility, expanding on what I had taught earlier in the week.  They were all tenth grade classes, and it was fun!  I really enjoyed teaching and am looking forward to getting into the classroom more.  I probably won’t have my own class, but I’ll talk about that more in another post.


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