I have finally gotten my computer out of storage, after getting an adapter so I can actually plug it in. So while I do not have internet, I can at least write things up.  I did make it to an internet café yesterday, but I didn’t post much as I didn’t bring these posts with me.  Oh well!

Anyways, a lot has happened since I’ve arrived in SA.  I’ve only been in country just over 2 weeks, but my life has changed a lot, and it seems like I’ve been here much longer.  I love this country, living in a village, and the prospect of spending the next two years here teaching.  Of course, I’ve had my shares of doubts in the last few weeks, but I know in my heart I am meant to be here.  I’m trusting in God to help me through this, and when I am challenged or frustrating, He has been helping me out!

So, I will share what a normal day of PST is like.  We have sessions from about 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.  On Saturday we have a half day of sessions or field trips.  We haven’t taken any yet, but next week we will.  Sunday is our day off.  Thus, us PCTs are pretty dang busy!  We usually spend 2-4 hours in language class each day.  There is the occasional day off from language class, but the next two weeks seem to average 4 hours a day, almost every day.  Oy!  Even with all of that official class time, a lot of it depends on how much I choose to learn and study independently.  I live with a family that speaks Setswana-the language I am learning, so I can practice as much as I want at home.  However, my vocab and grammar is so limited right now that I don’t speak much at all.  Hopefully in the next week or so that will change.  I am listening though, and can pick out some words and find the general track of conversation…sometimes.  J

PST meets in different locations and group sizes.  We meet at the HUB as a whole group-all 56 (we’ve had one ET).  We may also meet in clusters-about 20 people.  My cluster meets at a primary school near-ish to where I live.  And we might just meet in our language group-4 PCTs and my LCF.  This week we meet in our cluster all week, except for when we meet the chief.  Though usually we have 2-3 HUB days a week.

Have I confused you yet with all the abbreviations and jargon? Remember, PC is part of the US government, so acronyms are our best friend.  We have received a list of acronyms-just for training!  Check the right hand side of my blog for a glossary. J

Well, I need to sleep.  It is 2:44pm in the States according to my computer.  But 8:44pm here.  I go to sleep early.  That way when the chickens start waking me up around 2am, and each hour or two thereafter, I still get a full night’s sleep.  Though I am getting used to the chickens.



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