Placement Ideas


In less than two weeks, our permanent sites will be announced.  PC likes the whole waiting game, even once you are in country, fyi.

However, we have had our final placement interviews this week, and I have gained some information from that, my language, and PC talk.  J  It’s all super unofficial and likely to change though, but I like to speculate, so here goes.

Since I am learning Setswana, I have been told I won’t be placed in Limpopo.  So that leaves Northwest, where I am now, and Northern Cape, the desert region, wide open.  These two provinces are more arid than Limpopo, and Northern Cape has the extremes found in a desert-super hot days but cold nights.  Northwest is dry, but a bit more weather stable than Northern Cape, or so I’ve been told.

When I had my first interview, I talked to Lydia about gardening, and how I wanted to have a school garden set up, or work to improve the school’s garden if it already exists.  She told me they offer training on this, which is good.  We also discussed how I would likely not have my own class, but serve as a resource-like teacher-working with kids who are either excelling or falling behind in English.  She also told me I would probably have two schools, possibly one Primary and one Secondary.  I would probably also work to train teachers.

At my second interview, again with Lydia, we talked about this a bit again, and they I told her that after being in the schools, I would really like to be involved in teacher training, as well as some teaching.  So it seems like that is a distinct possibility.  Then we discussed that my age and how young I look will be a challenge.  I’ve been told I look 14 from the teachers at the high school, but 16 is the age most people think I look.  So I have to essentially prove that I know what I’m talking about and that I have experience to gain respect from my coworkers.  But I kind of knew that would be a challenge.

So, here’s the major speculation, which is just kind of fun to do.  SA24 has 2 APCDs-Lydia and Morgan.  I’m not quite sure who is in charge of Limpopo, but since I am a Setswana speaker, it doesn’t matter much.  J Morgan is in charge of Northern Cape, and Lydia is in charge of Northwest.  Who you had for your first interview doesn’t matter much, but for the second interview, it does.  That person is much more likely to be your permanent APCD.  So, since I had Lydia for both, it is quite likely I will end up in Northwest.

We can laugh in two weeks about how wrong I was.  J

Go siame,



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