I have managed to make it to an internet cafe again, so here is a quick blogpost.  Once again I failed to bring a USB with my other blog posts on it.  Perhaps next week when I go to the largest mall in Africa.  🙂

Life here is going well.  We have a midterm language exam on Monday, but I feel like I am getting it down well.  We have learned an incredible amount of language in about three weeks of instruction.  I know how to do a lot with grammar, but my vocabulary is still rather limited.  There is only so much my brain can absorb.  But I am enjoying learning my first African language, and the challenges that poses.  Setswana is a pretty sweet language though.

I’ve settled in well with my host family, and I really feel like part of the family.  They are an amazing family, and I have enjoyed learning from and sharing with them.  I have found many foods that I love, like pap (google it), spinach, and cabbage, among other things.  The fruit here is fresh and delicious, even though it’s winter.  I am getting spoiled with an abundance of apples, oranges, and bananas!  I am eating well, to say the least.

Training is still pretty intense, but many of our sessions have been run by current PCVs.  They are pretty awesome, and fun! We get to ask them tons and tons of questions and they always answer-good day.  In the last few days our sessions have been letting out early, which I appreciate.  I have felt a bit like a hamster on a running wheel-always running and running with no stop, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like I get anywhere.  But with a few hours off here and there I can recover and be ready for a whole new day of training and language.

This week I had the chance to get into the classroom and teach for the first time!  It was exciting!  😀 I taught a class called life orientation, which is a bit like life skills.  I realized that teaching kind of came naturally, and it was fun! I’m sure I’ll have those not-fun days, but being able to teach during training was very valuable.  I go in one more time next week to share American culture a bit.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I shall figure it out.  There’s so much I could share!

I have been able to see myself living here for the next two years, safe, happy, and sound.  I’m starting to get into the groove of things here, and I like it!  I can see how fast the next two years will go.

Til next time,



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