Staging, Part 2: AKA I’m a legit PC Trainee!!

So this afternoon we had our first taste of PC info sessions in the form of staging.  Staging is the stateside orientation, and we got a few crash courses in safety, security, and what to expect when we arrive in SA.  We talked a loooot about our anxieties (spiders, food, distance, sketchyness in general) and our aspirations (teaching, inspiring children, integrating into the community, good food) just to get us in the mental state to head to SA.

It was really awesome to meet all my fellow volunteers-and let me tell you, we seem to be a pretty great group!  There are 57 of us, which is pretty big for PC groups.  The group headed to Honduras is also here for staging, and there are only 15 of them!  We were just talking about how we hadn’t noticed any Honduras volunteers when one walked up and told us that.  So we feel like a nice big group, ready to take on the 18 hours of flying tomorrow.  We have a 2 hour flight to Atlanta, then a 16 hour flight from there to Johannesburg-oy!  I’ve never flown more than about 3 hours, so that will be a looooong flight.  But by 7pm (SA time…so noonish Iowa time?)  Friday I will finally be there.

The best part of the day-finding out we have NO shots tomorrow.  The worst part-finding out we have a LOT to get in SA.  Eh…at least we don’t have to head to the airplane with sore arms.

I’m feeling completely ready to go, and am very happy to have met so many amazing people today.  SA24 is going to be a great group of friends for the next 2 years.  🙂  It’ll make life so much easier!

This may well be my last post, so remember-no news is good news.  Adios for awhile, and look for updates from my Mom after I get there.  Adios!



About Jen Lamos

Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

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