Down to the Wire

Time is running out fast!  I leave in less than 5 days, and I’m feeling pretty good about things.  I’ve gotten to do about 95% of the things I wanted to do before I left, and I feel pretty prepared to leave.  My stuff is just about completely packed, although I did reshuffle things yesterday after an email from PC.  And my room is nearly all packed up, though still a little messy.

Anyways, yesterday the SA24 group got an email from the SA Country Desk detailing answers to all those little questions I had.  I know have a rough outline for PST, know exactly what we’ll be doing when we get to SA, and the logistics of life during PST.  Ahhh it feels nice to know about bit more about training.  We did get a packing list and some guidelines about what we should pack.  Oy.  This made me rethink my packing scheme and change things around.  During PST we’ll apparently have tiny rooms, and PC recommends packing essentials in one bag and non-essentials in another.  However, my essentials bag must be fairly large because I’ll be living out of it for two months, and all my warm clothes need to be in there because it will be winter when we arrive.  Thus I am going through a slight packing panic, but it will all work out.

We have been given some more guidance on what languages we can expect to study.  We have been told to study some introductory phrases in Setswana because we’ll be settled near Pretoria for training, and Setswana is the prevalent language there.  We’ve also been told we may learn: Setswana, Sepedi, TshiVenda, and XiTsonga.  A bit of a change from what the PC toolkit website listed.  Good thing I attempted to study some isuZulu, right (as in, I listened to the first few lessons and gave up after being told to by current PCVs).  I will spend some time studying things like “Hello” and “how are you” in Setswana in the next few days.

I shall share some more info later.  I need to prepare for family pictures.  We haven’t done them since I was 12 or so, thus I must make myself look nice for the next 10 years. 🙂



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