Two Weeks to Go

The final countdown begins:  in two weeks I will head to Washington, DC, get a bunch of shots, and fly across the Atlantic ocean for the first time on my way to South Africa.  Woah!  It’s still hard to believe, and rather surreal.  I doubt it will become real until I’m on that plane, or until I touchdown in South Africa.  I keep thinking something will happen and I won’t go (which is not unrealistic when working through the Peace Corps-things change in a second).  Barring any sudden car accidents or coups in South Africa, I think I might actually be leaving in two weeks!  😉  Perhaps I should not ride in a car with a certain family member who is coming to visit….who drives fast.

Anyways, I think I will start posting news or facts about South Africa each day until I leave.  This will help me keep up with current events, and keep you informed too.  So, for today I am going for the low-hanging fruit:  First Lady Obama is visiting South Africa!  Mrs. Obama and her two daughters have been in South Africa the past few days, speaking about youth leadership, education, HIV/AIDS awareness, and women empowerment.  Since I will be teaching/working with youth, I think it’s awesome that she’s there discussing issues that I will be working on.  A perfect way to start SA24’s service.  🙂  I’m sure people will still be buzzing about it when we get there, and I’m 100% sure we’ll hear about it.  My group has already been told that, in general, South Africans love President Obama, so a visit from the First Lady is a big deal, to say the least.

Michelle Obama is headed on to Botswana, then head back.  If you want the whole story, check it out here:


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