I am tired of rain.  Here’s why:

Iowa is not supposed to have a monsoon season, but I think the weather patterns are a bit confused.  This has been the case for the past few weeks, and has caused moderate flooding here in my hometown, and MAJOR flooding in western Iowa, along the Missouri River.  I swear, the rain is never-ending this year, and mostly coming in hard rains and thunderstorms, as you can see by the 10 day forecast.  But hey, at least it isn’t too hot. 😉

Another nice picture for you:

Notice, that the temp in SA is currently warmer than the temps in my hometown and college town in Iowa.  And it’s sunny.  Now, it is late fall-early winter in SA right now, so that’s probably the high of the day.  However, if you’ve ever been to winter in Iowa (20 below zero, anyone?) you can see why I’m not dreading winter in SA so much. However, lack of central heating will change my mind a bit when I get there.  Anyways, I thought I’d share a bit more about weather, while I’m at home lamenting the rain.

I will be living in one of the three northern provinces in SA: Limpopo, Northwest, or Northern Cape.  Here’s a map, with arrows pointing at those provinces:

It’s a relatively dry country as a whole, receiving about half the world average for rain.  However, some areas are deserts and some are wet coastal areas.  With the exception of Western Cape, SA receives most of its rain in the summer.  SA has a higher elevation, and is therefore a bit cooler than other countries with similar latitudes.  So for those who think Africa is always warm and has no winter at all-well SA challenges that a bit (but it is still not like winter in Iowa-yay!).  However, summer is HOT, easily in the high 80s-90s.  I like warm weather though, so I am happy.  However, I need to figure out celsius.  All I know is that anything about 35 is dreadful, from my semester in Mexico.  But it was also humid there.  I’m not sure about humidity in SA though.

It has snowed in SA, but that’s not common.  I would not mind missing a snowfall in SA-Brr!



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