Packing, Part 3

Today I finally gathered 95% of what I am taking and unpacked what I had packed, and repacked it….pretty much in the way it will be taken to SA.  I took pictures too!

Here’s everything (except a few clothing items and possibly random other things).  Obviously, the dog in the picture isn’t going, and neither is her blanket.  Princess just didn’t feel like moving when I began organizing around her.









Below is a picture of mainly the clothes I shall be taking.  I know you can’t see it that well, but I’ve got a bit of everything that I need.









Here’s some of the little gadgets and whatnot that i am taking, and my shoes.









Here’s Princess.  She kinda got stuck in the middle of it, but didn’t mind too much. 🙂









And here is the after picture.  3 bags-the big duffle is pretty full, but the carry-on duffle is half empty and the backpack has almost nothing in it.  It will carry snacks and entertainment for the plane though.  And staging papers.  Notice, Princess didn’t move a bit.

Jaxson felt left out, so I snapped a picture of him, laying in the chair, on the heating pad, with a blanket.  Lazy dogs.



About Jen Lamos

Christ follower. Writer. Permaculturist. RPCV. Photographer. Gardener. Keeper of Chickens. Daughter of God.

3 thoughts on “Packing, Part 3

  1. Hey I’m a fellow SA24er. Great job with the packing! I have all my stuff on a table in my room waiting to be packed. However I think I have a lot more than you. I’m hoping to narrow it down in the next few days. Can’t wait to meet everyone in D.C.!

    • Hi Casey! I narrowed it down when I packed it all up the 2nd time-tossed out some shirts and other clothes. It’s hard because I want to have enough so I don’t have to shop the moment I get to SA, but I also don’t want to pack stuff I won’t use. Experience from studying abroad is helping, and so is the fact that SA really does have everything we need. See you in a few weeks!

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