When in the Southern Hemisphere….

Mom and I were talking about how the seasons will be opposite in South Africa.  Although I know this, and am packing with winter in mind, it’s also not pleasant to imagine.  It’s also interesting to tell people this.  Most people seem to know this subconsciously, but they also tend to forget about it and therefore are surprised to hear about winter.  The rest just seem to think that Africa as a whole has no winter.  Just in case you were wondering: South Africa is in the South of Africa, and therefore does get cold in the winter.  Just not Iowa cold!

We then got on the subject of toilets that flush different in the Southern Hemisphere.  I researched this, and apparently it’s just due to the way toilets are designed.  However, others say that it’s due to the Coriolis Effect.  And yes, thanks to Dr. Anya I know what this is!!  Check here for a good explanation: http://www.snopes.com/science/coriolis.asp  So, if there’s a cyclone, it will spin the opposite direction, but it won’t affect the toilet.  However, just in case the internet is wrong, I checked my toilet.  It spins counterclockwise.  When I get to SA I will check.  🙂  So scientific, I know!

I am excited to see some new constellations.  Since I will be in the Southern Hemisphere, I will not see Orion, Virgo, Libra, Ursa Major and Minor, or Cassiopeia.  Ok, I’m a slight dork and I did take Astronomy in High School.  So I am actually super excited to spot some new constellations!  😀

Just the beginning of some major differences.



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2 thoughts on “When in the Southern Hemisphere….

  1. That’s so funny! I’m excited for new constellations, too!!! I tell everyone about that…and before, when I was ‘supposed’ to go to Eastern Europe (before my doctor screwed up my paperwork and I was medically delayed–again), I was really upset and disappointed that there wouldn’t be new stars.

    • I was originally supposed to end up in China before I was medically deferred, but now I’m excited to literally be on the other half of the world and all that goes with it (except maybe winter). I’m going to find a southern hemisphere star chart, I believe.

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