Staging Update!

This morning started out by me receiving my staging email-YAY!  Now, I leave in just over 3 weeks (woah) and it’s kind of getting down to the wire for travel arrangements in my opinion.  However, with the invitation packet from PC I was told that we would hear about staging 3-4 weeks in advance.  Thus I wasn’t too worried, yet.  I was fiddling around on Facebook this morning, when an update to the PC SA group told me that staging emails had arrived.  So, officially staging is in DC (which I unofficially knew) starting July 6th.  I made a call to SATO travel, PC’s travel agency, and scheduled my flight.  I’ll be flying out of DSM on the 5th, arriving in the evening in DC. I know some other SA24-ers will be getting there that evening too.  Can you say “dinner out”?  🙂

I am soooooo excited to go to DC again!  After spending last semester there, and getting inspired to apply to PC while there, it seems fitting that I should go there for staging.  Makes me less nervous because DC already feels home-y to me.

Anyways, I also found out flight info for my flight to SA.  I will fly out on the 7th, after getting pricked in the arm who knows how many times for vaccinations, and arrive in Jo-burg on the 8th.  It feels “more real” having my arrangements made now.  After finding this all out I went on a shopping spree to Walmart and Target to get some things-particularly luggage.  I have a nice JEEP brand rolling duffel-not too big, not too small.  I chose this over a suitcase because it is easier to move around and I can sling it over my shoulder if I need too.  I will have my regular backpack for my carry-on, and a smaller carry-on size suitcase.  Ahhh….I feel much more prepared now.

I had my graduation/going-away party over the weekend.  It was a sunny day-the only one recently.  And it wasn’t too hot or cold, which is a miracle for Iowa right now.  In other words, the weather behaved and I got to see lots of family and friends.  A nice start to all the goodbye-ing that’s coming.  And Dad got a Sno Cone machine for the party, which was fun.  I think he ate about 10 of them. 🙂



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